We’ve come a long, long way…


Illustration by Alanna Freeman, 2010

Since making the initially rash, and later rather overthought, decision to quit my job and go travelling (the plot began in the wee small hours of New Year’s Day), time has flown. I don’t know how, but the intial musings made in a club, in a party dress, followed by a long conversation in the cold light of day on Hampstead Heath with my trusty advice-wielding friend, Alex, have been left behind and I am now at the no-going-back stage of what is possibly one of the scariest, and at the same time most exciting, things I have ever done. (I’d say I’m somewhere betweeen figure 3 and 4 on the illustration…shopping madly for necessities, and trying to read a guide book, and re-learn some pre-GCSE Spanish all at the same time. Seriously, the British High Streets are no place for combining such activities – I almost got run over by a mobility scooter the other day!)

The worst bit (well, possibly only bad bit I can see) about the whole thing? Leaving behind my amazingly lovely, genuinely awesome, totally inspiring and supportive family and friends. My big brother lives in Scotland, so I hardly see him, but he was down in London last week, and when I had to say goodbye to him in the middle of Oxford Street (after a speedy-but-delicious lunch at Le Pain Quotidien – I wish it WAS my daily bread) I did get pretty choked up.

You say goodbye - Illustration by Alanna Freeman 2010

I know I’m only away (initially) for 2 and a half months, but doing last-minute whirlwind catch-ups with the people you love most, makes you realise how much you are leaving behind. I guess I just have to hope I’ll meet some equally amazing people to share my South American experience with. Oh, I’ve gona all soppy. This is so unlike me. It must be a result of exhausting weekly commutes, while trying to maintain my social butterfly status. Either that, or swotting up on my pitifully poor Spanish – all the amor of the language is getting to me. It’s definitely time to depart…


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