Style vs substance

I am having a dilemma. I’m quite possibly going to come out of this sounding like the vainest person you have ever met, but that’s not the case – I promise. Just ask the mirror – I’m not like Snow White’s evil stepmother, continually seeking solace in the reflection of a gilded piece of silvered glass which talks to you and tells you how wonderful you are(seriously, was that woman actually slightly loopy? Hearing voices and all…an analyst would have a field day with that one.) Right, off the tangent and back on track.

So, here’s the thing. Those of you who know me will know I’m a bit of a fashion fiend – not in the sense that I look at the latest season’s offering on the catwalk and instantly try to recreate it, but in the sense of having an extensive wardrobe that I like to play around with, and which (until the recent pre-travelling move home, which forced a serious edit) is sickeningly full to bursting. While the charity shops may be loving me and my donations right now, I’m having a problem reconciling the part of me that’s a bit of an outdoor girl (really, it does exist!) and the part of me that’s a city girl. It seems that I’m a bit too fond of my skinny jeans, tea dresses and ballet pumps to want to let go of them for a few months in, let’s be honest here, not-so-attractive outdoor gear.Illustration by Alanna Freeman, 2010

You’re thinking, ‘WHAT a PRINCESS – she’s going on an amazing trip round an incredibly beautiful and exciting continent, and she’s upset about her wardrobe? Banish her to a mountain top in her beloved city style and see how long she lasts.’ I know. I actually think the same thing. But does activity gear really have to be so damn ugly? Yes, it’s practical, it will keep us warm and cool, dry, and comfortable in the great outdoors, but why can’t it have a bit of aesthetic beauty, too? Is it so much to ask?

Let’s get this straight, though. I am certain that I will surrender to the ‘don’t care’ travelling attitude pretty damn fast – I won’t be the girl who packs the inappropriate clothes and then complains the whole time, (that’s just not me). Instead, I will (ahem, already have) spend an absolute fortune on outdoor clothes that don’t make me want to hurl (I love you, The North Face, you are my saviour!). Dammit, you can travel in style. I’m sure. Almost sure.

Oh, who am I kidding. Check back with me a week after I’ve gone, and I’ll be jabbering on about the benefits of having bought rubbish from Primarni that I could throw out asap without really caring about it. Not very eco-conscious, but hell… isn’t that part of what travelling’s about? Leaving behind the old and embracing the new? That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it. For now. I guess the challenge is on.


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