Love on the line

No, this is not about that kind of ‘line’ – my only experience of that is through a friend of mine who paid her boyfriend’s extortionate phone bill, which he’d run up calling dodgy numbers. Why she actually did that I will never know, but that’s really not the point here…

Those who know the modern dating ‘scene’ may appreciate this tale. Or they may not. It’s a sorry little story (again witnessed within the realms of the public transport system) that brings out my Yenta instincts, but which I promise not to act on. Matchmaking is not my forte – numerous incidents have proven this, so I have thrown in the towel when it comes to playing Cupid.

The other morning I arrived at the station actually almost awake for once and (s)tumbled onto the platform to catch the commuterville train with the usual suspects, who sadly are all starting to look too familiar for a bunch of strangers. As I rounded the corner, I was walking about two paces behind a girl who looked far too perky and stylish for that time of the morning. She was plugged into her iPod, texting, and pretty much oblivious to the world around her, so she didn’t see what I saw…

Which was a gangly but sort-of-cute geeky guy watching her progress from the edge of the platform, with a slightly dazed adoring look in his eyes. This was clearly not the first time he’d seen this girl. Something that became more apparent, when, as she strode past focussed on her mobile, he clearly but quietly addressed a ‘good morning’ to her, which she did not see/acknowledge – who knows which?

His puppy-dog-like devastation was actually almost painful to see. You could read the unvocalised ‘I see you every morning, but you never notice me, even when I talk to you’ thought running through his mind. And as his gaze quietly followed his unrequited love down the girl’s own personal catwalk – sorry, I mean train platform – a little piece of my heart broke for him. Bless. I hope this weekend brings him more luck with the ladies. Poor fella.

That’s it! Short for once! And to prove I know when to stop talking…

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One Response to Love on the line

  1. Trev says:

    That is tragically-beautiful-awkward, like the start of a Michael Cera film.

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