To the Blogmobile!

Having turned this blog into a total mess of ideas and writing, I am declaring a war of words and taking it back to its travel-inspired roots, dammit. After my initial good intentions, which then dissolved into disarray as soon as I met the slightest difficulty getting a decent internet connection in certain South American locations, Alannafreestyle became mute and unresponsive (pretty much like I did when I returned, with some major blues, wanting to immerse myself in adventure again as soon as I stepped on British soil).

War of words - Alannafreestyle - Travel Blog

Getting stuck in to the Travel action, I disappeared into a colourful vortex...

Well enough is enough. This opinionated Miss is getting back in the travel saddle, and riding (well, more like flying) off to the (from here) distant land that is Australia in just over two months.

And this time, when it comes to blogging, I mean business. If I slip up, and fail to keep you updated or amused, informed or inundated with images and stories, you can send me a timely dig – like my Dad who, when I was so absorbed in hunting out the best of Bolivia and forgot to call or write home, emailed me saying simply ‘Are you alive?’

So, time for Alannafreestyle take two. Are you ready? I think, no scrap that, I know I am.

Coming in for landing…

Alannafreestyle - coming in for landing - To the Blogmobile!

I don't intend to arrive in Oz in this fashion, but then again...


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