Do you take Visa?

Just as Australia was seeing out it’s own special national day (need to find out what exactly this entails so I can party it up properly next year!) I was half a world away but finally getting confirmation of my working holiday visa. Clearly, this is a good omen. I already thought there was some weird symmetry to my recent work/ living/ travel plans, and this seems to confirm it!

Australia Day - John White - Do you take Visa? - Alannafreestyle

It’s almost like the universe is saying GO! TRAVEL WELL! JOIN THE PARTY! Well, maybe that’s a little extreme, especially as I now sound like a crazed hippy who’s popped too many hallucinogenics and is now seeing kangaroos hopping across the room in front of them (I’m not but, writing this, I am reminded of the guy in that rainbow video – see below – nuts).

But you have to admit, there is something a little eerie about the way that, after deciding we might travel out to Australia together, my friend Tracy suggested a leaving date for March, then I got offered a short-term work contract finishing at the start of that month, and a place to stay for the exact same period. If that isn’t some higher being telling me to focus for a few months and before cutting my losses and running, then I don’t know what it is – and no, you realists/cynics/pessimists, I don’t want to look at it as mere coincidence, because it’s not as exciting to my travel-led consciousness.

So, two months today I will be living my last full day in the UK for some time, assuming this all goes to plan – although, to be honest, I’m not quite sure what the ‘plan’ is, but I really better get on the case. Like, NOW! Erm, where’s my travel guide gone? While I’m off hunting, you can enjoy this gem…


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