Beer today, gone tomorrow

Take Courage - Courage beer advertising - Alannafreestyle

Look and learn!

I know it’s an advert for a British beer – and god knows how old it is as the brewery’s been around since the 18th century – but this particular photo now comes everywhere with me as the background on my phone, as a calming influence on the mental state induced by my imminent travel plans.

The image was snapped a couple of months ago, while I was still in the ‘considering travelling again’ stage. While I like to think I’m quite observant, it seems I have consistently walked past this old-fashioned painted billboard – a remnant of faded London – on my walk to work for quite some time.

The day I finally noticed it, as I was wandering towards the office mulling over my options at home and away, the morning sun was glowing on the brickwork as I happened to look up. The phrase just struck a chord, even though its original intention was to encourage drinkers to buy the local brew! To the annoyance of the other Southbank commuters on their way to the office, I stopped dead in the middle of the pavement forcing them to sidestep me as I fished out my phone and took a photo (becoming something of a habit with me).

Since then, it’s been cheerleading me along my chosen route every time I look at my mobile. Which, right now, is quite often as the pre-departure pre-planning fear has kicked in and I have to keep reminding myself to get a grip. Maybe I should buy a drink to calm my nerves… Pint anyone?


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