Come rain or shine

When you think of Australia, the first things that come to mind aren’t torrential rain, flash floods or raging fires (although the latter is always a concern in such a hot, dry country). But it can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that these are the reasons it’s hit the headlines in the last few weeks. Worrying, when you’re about to emigrate for a year or so…

When I came across this photo, of people still managing to find fun and look on the bright side (no pun intended at all) even in the face or wake of devastating weather, it had the effect of actually making me keener to head off to experience life the Aussie way. That positive attitude can only be a good thing for a sometimes-too-cynical girl!

Singing and dancing in the rain - Brisbane locals, 2011 - Alannafreestyle

Still singing and dancing in the rain...

Only thing is, I’m suddenly recalling that last year when I went to South America, that continent also experienced some slightly worrying natural disaster-style weather. Surely no connection. I don’t have THAT kind of power… Still… eeek!

Thoughts are with everyone who’s been affected by the extreme conditions.


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