A Right Royal Knees-Up

When I left London, I thought I’d manage to leave the hype around the Royal wedding behind. And I genuinely thought I had, as very little mention was made of it over here (at least not in my immediate vicinity) until Friday, when suddenly it was all anyone could talk about.

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Flagging commentary

I was under the impression that the Australians weren’t too fond of the Pom Royalty, but it turns out that they may just have a secret pocket of love for them, that’s allowed to be shown at times of great celebration/ pomp and circumstance. Fair enough, I guess, but this sudden about-turn meant I had to to watch the wedding as otherwise I would be out of the loop on TWO continents, not just the one.

I’m sure it’s not necessary to give the blow-by-blow account of the event itself – it’s already been picked over by everyone else in the papers/ magazine specials/ TV news programmes – but I just have to say one thing. Amongst the celebration, ‘serious’ discussion about Kate’s dress, and endless statistics about the number of police/guests/street cleaners on duty, the highlight for me was this: an almost-filthy running commentary by Dame Edna on Channel 9, which had her dishevelled co-host, Karl Stefanovich, in stitches of dirty laughter throughout proceedings, and me sitting on my friend’s sofa incredulously asking – on numerous occasions – ‘did she really just say that?!’

I can’t stand Edna, but that DID make my evening. Shame Kate and Wills couldn’t hear the pantomime Dame’s speculations – I think what’s left of the Prince’s hair might have been standing on end, and the couple might not have looked quite so sleepy as they did during the ceremony, either.


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