Sydney: A Place to Call Home

It’s funny how Lady Luck can switch your mood around so fast. One minute you’re down and out, dragging your feet along the backstreets of a city you don’t really know, a little lost and trying to lift yourself with a bit of retail therapy, and the next you’re practically hopping-skipping-and-jumping along like a kangaroo on acid, overexcited by a piece of good news which triggers a flow of all-consuming positivity. Yes, the gem of energy-boosting information in question came wrapped up in an SMS inbox, with a shiny ribbon of text telling me that as of this weekend we would no longer be ‘homeless’!

Pacing the pavements - Sydney streets – Alannafreestyle

Head down, studying the sidewalk

I don’t think I’ve had such an instant, inexplicable adrenline boost since I got my degree classification yelled at me unexpectedly down the phone from 1,200 miles away. Needless to say, I was up and running towards our temporary hostel home, to share the better-than-good news with Travel Bud, as fast as you could say ‘Hey! you haven’t paid for those shoes…!’

Thankfully, the Fates decided they’d had enough fun testing the limits of our patience, and put us (and everyone around us, who’d been asking for constant updates on the househunt) out of our misery with the offer of two rooms (our OWN rooms! The novelty!) in a house share in lovely, trendy Paddington. The dream is still alive and kicking! And the relief is palpable. Of course, our little high took us immediately to the nearest bottle shop, where a bottle of celebratory wine was purchased to drink on the roof terrace of the flashpackers hostel we shall no longer be calling home.

View from the top - Bounce Sydney - Sydney: A Place to Call Home - Alannafreestyle

The rooftop terrace at Bounce - a place and a view we WILL miss

Thinking about it now, I may miss our little Surry Hills travel community a little, tiny, bit… Oh, ok, quite a lot! Still plenty of time left for backpacking again later in the year, though, when we’re not working and dorm living will be a novelty once more. Until then, the only travel directions we need are to the nearest Ikea!


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