Sunrise, Sunset: a growing obsession?

While I have known for quite some time that I have a slight, shall we say interest in good light, and documenting moments that stand out – the sun hitting a sandstone building early in the morning, turning it to a oversized glowing gold ingot; the play of light and shadow cast by clouds, looming architecture and people on the pavements beneath your feet; the way that whole scenes – even the most depressing landscapes – can be utterly transformed by a single shard of playful, glimmering sunlight – I think I am now, officially, a little obsessed.

Golden building, London – Sunrise, Sunset: a growing obsession - Alannafreestyle

Even a council block (seen from a train window) can work the sunkissed look...

At least it’s not in a vampiric mustn’t-see-the-light-of-day, hide-yourself-in-a-locked-room sort of way. It’s more of a growing desire to capture as many moody, atmospheric or evocatively lit photos of people and places as I can. And the most obvious example of this, is the Sunset Series. Why not give it a name? This particular collection has been growing for years, due to living in an end-of-terrace hill-top house in Brighton, with a side window overlooking the sea. It made for an instant-photo opportunity every single evening. I’m sure I have enough images of the sun dipping down over the sea to give a large Swedish homeware store an extensive catalogue of pre-printed ‘nature’ canvases for years to come.

Sunset, Brighton – Sunrise, Sunset: a growing obsession - Alannafreestyle

The view that launched a thousand photos... Home sweet sunsetty home

And I’m not done yet. Not even nearly. I’m getting competitive! With each new image posted by friends around the world on Facebook, I get picture envy. Luckily, every new country + fresh landscapes = plenty more Kodak moments to come…

From my old London haunts…

London at dusk - Sunrise, Sunset: a growing obsession - Alannafreestyle

London's turning tides - dusk and the city

…to the Chilean desert

Desert sunset, Chile - Sunrise, Sunset: a growing obsession - Alannafreestyle

South American night buses have their benefits - big windows and panoramic views

…to a beautiful, near-deserted beach front in Mancora, Peru.

Mancora beach, Peru, at sunset – Sunrise, Sunset: a growing obsession - Alannafreestyle

One of my favourite places in the world: Mancora beach, Peru

But you know you’ve maybe gone a little too far chasing the sun when your camera gives up the ghost; it lays itself to rest because it can’t take any more of the sun blindness that’s being inflicted on it on a regular basis. That’s what mine did, anyway. It took one look at the Australian sun, made a pathetic little whining noise, and decided to engage in a routine of overexposure to protest at its harsh treatment. That’s gratitude for you – show a loved one something new, and it throws it back in your face! So now I have a case of cameraphoneitis. The Palm seems to be enjoying the attention, though, if the Aussie Sunset Series is anything to go by.

Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset - Sunrise, Sunset: a growing obsession - Alannafreestyle

Bridging the gap between day and night - dusk in Sydney Harbour

Sydney CBD at sunset - Sunrise, Sunset: a growing obsession - Alannafreestyle

View from the top - bats and buildings from Bounce hotel roof terrace, Sydney

I wonder what colourful delights wait this evening, as the sun goes down on another working week. Maybe I’ll get another view like this delicious one? We can only hope so…

Sunset in Sydney office - Sunrise, Sunset: a growing obsession - Alannafreestyle

The text says it all.


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2 Responses to Sunrise, Sunset: a growing obsession?

  1. julian freeman says:

    Very nice, dearie. Turner would have approved, though ‘delicious’ might not have been a word much used by him…. hope all goes well.


  2. Thought you’d like it. We both know where my obsession with good lighting comes from Dad!

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