You know you need a day off when…

Some weeks should be consigned to the dustbin before they even start. Or, at least, we should recognise that we need to give up on trying to bend certain days to our will and just take some time out – a ‘mental health day’, as it’s known in my current workplace, ought to sort you out. Reserved for those weeks where nothing seems to click into place, and you just need to step away from the Mac and switch off.

You know that day has come when, in the midst of a week that seems to be intent on sliding down the plughole and taking you with it, you have a morning that goes something like this:

You’re deep in a dream. Of what, that’s your call. But suddenly something in that dream draws your attention to the concept of time. Something clicks in your subconscious that the light in your room is stronger than it usually is each morning when your alarm screams at you to wake up, so you roll over and slightly open one eye to squint at the time to find…

Oh crap! The alarm hasn’t gone off and you’re ridiculously late. Without even properly waking up, you fall out of bed, run through the shower barely noticing the scalding water, trip over the rug on the way back to your room where you proceed to put the wrong contact lens in the wrong eyes, wonder why you can see Jack Sh**, (very) slowly realise and rectify the problem (carefully avoiding dropping one, as there’s no need to be scrabbling on the floor right now like one of the three blind mice), briefly consider and dismiss the idea of calling in sick while staring vaguely at the contents of your wardrobe, before grabbing and throwing on the easiest tried-and-tested outfit, chuck some product in your hair in an attempt to tame the bedhead, crack your shins on the bedframe while running around looking for the just-washed gym gear you now wish you’d packed last night, pull your inexplicably uncharged phone (the reason for your lateness) and charger out of the plug socket, unhook your jacket from the back of the door, trip over the rug again before dashing out of the house to run to the bus stop where, thankfully you can take a breath and appreciate the fact that (as three buses round the corner at the exact same moment) if you’d been just a minute later, you would be even more screwed.

From that moment on, it’s all about making up time and trying to prise your eyes and still sleep-riddled brain into something resembling wakeful alertness. And it’s at exactly that moment that you think, “I can’t do this again tomorrow. I’m cashing in a mental health day.” Which is exactly what I did this morning when I finally got into work (somehow on time?!). Even just knowing my weekend will start a day earlier is an energising thought. Plus the winter sun’s out, and set to stay that way. To the beach! This is meant to be a working holiday after all…


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One Response to You know you need a day off when…

  1. vivijb says:

    Aaah – this is a daily occurence for me! Love the posts – keep em coming x

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